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These free, audited publications can be found on racks and stacks at local restaurants, coffee shops, nightclubs, bars and other business establishments.  A total of 125 publications in over 100 markets are available through AWN's single-source sales and placement service.


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Burlington Seven Days


Delivers millions of viewers in over 100 web sites through the AWN Digital Ad Network.   


This wildly diverse audience looks to alternative weekly web sites for something different than traditional media outlets.   Viewers can find the kind of news and entertainment coverage that comes with a degree of local credibility that is unequaled and comprehensive listings of arts & entertainment and other food, fashion and events in the marketplace.


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Willamette Week


As a member-driven, grass-roots cooperative, AWN serves as a transparent intermediary between advertisers and publishers across a large network of cities in the U.S. and Canada.  


AWN shares news and information from the Alternative Weekly Newspaper industry and its members and advertisers.  


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