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Central Iowa's alternative newspaper. Sounds like an oxymoron, eh? Nah, Metro Des Moines, the world's third largest insurance center, is among the fastest growing areas in the Midwest. With a 2 percent unemployment rate, coupled with a robust economy, we now have more jobs than we have people. Economists expect the area (pop. 450,000) to grow well into the 21st Century. Cityview has captured this blossoming market. Our readership continues to grow and has grown 44 percent since 1996.

Cityview goes above and beyond in trying to dig up the stories Des Moines residents want and need to read. From investigative reports on Iowa's deeply troubled department of Human Services, our state's methanphetamine problem and dognappings to highlights of people trying to make positive changes in our community as well as an entertainment and arts section that goes beyond standard coverage, Cityview truly delivers.

Publication Day: Monthly
Base Circulation: 30,000
Audited Circulation: 29,026
Single-issue Readership: 58,000
4-issue Cume Readership: 107,000

Unique Visitors: 19,884
Page Views: 35,768

Audit/Readership Sources:
PRINT: The Media Audit (May - Jun 2011),
Circulation Verification Council (Dec 31, 2017)
ONLINE: CVC, Dec 31, 2017