Houston, TX:

Free Press Houston

FPH has been Houston's best monthly alternative news source since 2003. For Houston readers, Free Press is a forum for music, events, community issues and news. Distribution is targeted towards consumers that frequently visit local restaurants, music venues and participate in cultural events.

FPH readers defy simple demographic categorization. They are most appropriately grouped in psychographics - by their activities and interests. Our readers are impatient with traditional publications. They prefer a faster pace and a tailored focus in their media. Although Free Press had readers in all age groups, we focus on a young, active readership that is very media savvy. Our reputation for striking graphic design and daring journalism attracts older readers as well as young. It's brash coverage of popular and cutting edge culture has made the paper the 'Arbiter of Cool' in Houston. This arbiter status means Free Press is uniquely positioned to serve an active Houston market.

Publication Day: Monthly
Base Circulation: 65,000
Audited Circulation: N/A
Single-issue Readership: 151,497
4-issue Cume Readership: 258,434

Unique Visitors: 107,000
Page Views: 550,000

Audit/Readership Sources:
PRINT: The Media Audit (July-Aug 2013)
ONLINE: Publisher Supplied (2011)