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Volume One is one of the most aggressive and successful small market publications in the country. Serving Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley since 2002 through a finely tuned culture, news, and entertainment publication and website, Volume One stands as a true alternative and vibrant voice for its community and they have a modest stack of awards to prove it.

Asking questions others won't, and consistently challenging their own community, Volume One has a spark you don't often find in similarly sized publications. What's more, their fierce coverage and development of local arts and music has helped to nurture perhaps the most impressive small scene in the Midwest, birthing a rash of successful touring artists including folk band Bon Iver, author Michael Perry, rock band Laarks, and more. Because of this effort, Volume One has a highly engaged readership, and has always been focused on bringing interesting local culture forward in the Chippewa Valley. This goes beyond simply covering the local culture and encompasses the creation of culture too.

As the area's most prolific event production organization, they produce a number of events including a massive riverside concert series, a back-alley cinema series, a downtown winter recreation series, a rock-n-roll kickball tournament, a huge chalk art festival, and much more. Their events are professional, outside-the-box concepts that consistently bring out thousands of people hungry for something different.

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