Anchorage, AK:

Anchorage Press

The Anchorage Press is the news and entertainment guide for Anchorage. Presenting the real news behind current events: the music, arts, and entertainment coverage busy readers really want. The Press is picked up by Anchorage residents who share an interest in events taking place in their community and who actively participate in a wide range of activities.

Established in 1992, The Press is published weekly and distributed throughout the Anchorage area. An online version of Anchorage Press ( is also updated weekly.

Publication Day: Thursday
Base Circulation: 15,500
Audited Circulation: N/A
Single-issue Readership: 37,200
4-issue Cume Readership: N/A

Unique Visitors: 30,087
Page Views: 64,322

Audit/Readership Sources:
PRINT: Publisher supplied, January 2018
ONLINE: Google Analytics, January 2018