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The Las Vegas Weekly is the arts and culture journal that the Las Vegas resident relies on. This town is full of real people who want culture that's not wrapped in sequins, and Las Vegas Weekly is the authoritative voice of that culture. The Weekly began life as a monthly, Scope Magazine, in April 1992- the valley's original arts, culture and lifestyle. The name may be different, but our mission remains the same. In the mood for live music or spoken-word readings? Check out our calendar. Hungry for some good falafel? Savor our restaurant guide. Want interesting stuff to look at? Scrutinize our extensive coverage of the current cinema. Need music to accompany your Vegas road trip? Visit sounds to explore the local and national soundscape. Unique feature stories. Fashion. Humor. Politics. Quirky comics. It's all yours to be had in the Las Vegas Weekly. Enjoy!

Publication Day: Thursday
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PRINT: The Media Audit (Fall 2014), Scarborough Research 2015,
Circulation Verification Council (Dec 31, 2017)
ONLINE: Google Analytics (Jun 2011)